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Consulting focused on Mobile and Progressive Web
Machine Learning and DevOps

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ReadyElement Provides high quality consulting, tools, and professional services to engineering teams and organizations as a whole that accelerates building of scalable mobile, and progressive web applications; powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence in the AWS cloud.

With the advent of Serverless Computing, building mobile and web applications, as well as the cloud architecture that powers them, has drastically changed. Utilizing Serverless infrastructure and modern application design will drastically reduce operational costs, and greatly enhance development team velocity. Modern applications built with serverless technologies use a pay-for-value pricing model that, for many customers, lowers cost dramatically. By offloading infrastructure management, you can also reduce the overall cost of maintenance.

The Endorsements
Tango Software

Tango Software

We built several scalable, integrated Progressive Web Applications with a scalable, Serverless backend (AWS AppSync, Amplify, and Cognito).



We assisted in building several turn-key DevOps focused Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) as well as an Open Source Command Line tool.


ION Shopify

We assisted, and designed a non-serverless, scalable backend for a high volume Shopify application, fully PCI Compliant automated by AWS Elastic Beanstalk.