Progressive Web Applicaions on AWS Serverless infrastructure

AWS AppSync / AWS Amplify / AWS Lambda / Amazon Cognito / Angular PWA

Tango Software provides digital and printed assessment software for schools, including Analytics for local & state assessments, assessment building tools, and student response collection tools. ReadyElement was engaged to create a completely new set of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) on a modern front-end technology toolset. Angular was chosen for it's full featured toolset, and enhanced PWA support. The backend was built with AWS AppSync as a GraphQL datasource in front of multiple backend databases, including DynamoDB.

The DevOps pipeline was setup using GitHub and GitHub pages as a development stage to preview application changes, and eventually migrated to using the AWS Amplify console for development, test, and production environments. The applications also utilized Amazon Cognito supporting multiple identity provider integrations, including Google, Microsoft Active Directory, and Facebook, as well as Cognito User Pools for email and password signup with advanced security features.

Amazon Machine Images on the AWS Marketplace

Amazon EC2 / Amazon S3 / AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics / Amazon Linux

Elastrix provides an open source command line interface tooling for web developers, as well as Amazon Machine Images for popular web server application combinations via the AWS Marketplace. These images provide a custom toolset, as well as integration with the CLI tooling for quick setup, and maintanence of the open source software provided on the machine on top of Amazon Linux. The DevOps pipeline is setup AWS CodeCommit, and GitHub, with custom tooling for deployment of the CLI tool to a S3 backed Debian repository (created custom for the CLI specifically for installation on Debian based linux distributions). The AMIs are setup with automated updates, and GPG security so that the CLI always stays up-to-date on the instances created via their AMIs.

Scalable and Secure Commerce on Shopify backed by AWS

AWS Elastic Beanstalk / Amazon DynamoDB / Amazon S3 / AWS Lambda

ION provides a custom reservation solution as a Shopify app, backed by AWS, specifically to the Parking Industry. The engine is a custom built Ruby application built, deployed, and scaled via Elastic Beanstalk. The DevOps pipeline is setup with AWS CodeCommit, AWS Cloud9 for easy development on the Ruby stack for distributed teams, as well as the Elastic Beanstalk CLI for multiple environment support.